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Award winning entrepreneur, author and lecturer, Andrea Courey found herself in 1997 with no job, no child support and three young children to raise. Inspired by her grandmother’s encouragement from the other side, she founded Grandma Emily’s Granola (GEG). GEG manufactured homemade style organic granola cereals for the food service industry. The product line grew to include bars, snacks and gift amenities. The business plan was one line: ‘don’t give up’.

In 2015, Andrea sold the company and imagined deliciously lazy days ahead filled with nothing but time. But a larger role awaited. That of mother and caregiver to her daughter Chloe who fell ill. Mother, daughter and son passed a difficult and blessed year together until Chloe’s passing in February 2016.

Andrea’s first book, Conversations with Chloe, began as a simple letter from a grieving mother to her deceased child. It touches on topics ranging from the divine to the sublime.

Here’s what some readers have to say:


Hello Andrea,

Your book came to me at just the right time. My sister Gail is dying and I was struggling with the finality of her death. I gratefully received the reminder that life goes on. Really very grateful!Thank you.

Mallory Tabah


Good morning Andrea,

I took your ebook home for the weekend and finished it yesterday. Bravo! And thank you for writing this book and sharing your experience. I am excited to tell our book club members and others about Conversations with Chloe. It is a must read!

Regards, Margo Purvis, Library Animation, Beaconsfield Library


So amazing. A great read. Your conversation has helped me in ways difficult to express. Really helped me say good bye to my mother, and share HER essence with a whole group of people, unapologetically, at her memorial. I really felt supported by you and Chloe. And my mom. ♥

Nina de Cocq




Speaker: IANDS Conference, August 5, 2017

Speaker: Mediaconscience Conference , September 16/17 2017

Speaker, Town of Mount Royal Library, Montreal, Quebec, October 10th, 7pm, 2017